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document Can I change my password?
Yes. This is done through domain management. Go to your management panel at https://www.(yourdomain):2083 Note the https e.g....
Not rated 29 Jul, 2007 Views: 2178 Comments: 0
document I cant run fread() or fclose() and my permissions are set to 755
If you are attempting to use fread() or fclose() from php, you will need to ensure that you have turned register_globals on in a php.ini file in the...
Not rated 29 Jul, 2007 Views: 2208 Comments: 0
document I keep being logged out of domain management
If you are being taken back to the login page for domain management when clicking anything after logging in you will need to enable a certain cookie...
Not rated 29 Jul, 2007 Views: 2715 Comments: 0